Design of Multi-Media Based Pedagogy for Leadership Training


  • Hamilton W. Stirling


"Classic movies provide a rich resource for experiential learning activities when structured for analysis using behavioral models and multi-media systems to guide the learner through the process. This experiential model described in this paper was used in undergraduate management classes and in executive MBA management process classes. It was also quite effective in adult education or continuing education classes. The movie 12 O’Clock High was the case material residing on VHS video tape but digital storage on compact disc would have been preferred for multi-media system processing. Although some participants were uncomfortable with the war time activities, military movies do tend to highlight and intensify the behavior to be observed. Lord of the Flies is a reasonable substitute but the violence is still present. The introduction states some constraints on just “doing it"" but finds none unable to be worked into the methodology that follows. Very current research contributions support the pedagogy recommended in this paper. A behavioral model is built, variables defined and its application illustrated. The participant is led through six stops in the tape accompanied by sample discussion questions. Finally an instrument is recommended to measure their leadership effectiveness. A one-half day is recommended for this experiential learning exercise. "