Learning Management by Practicing Management: A Report of Significant Student Service In 1997


  • Daniel W. Mcallister


Learning by doing is the heart of experiential learning. Learning by doing allows the student to explore and understand at a much deeper level. This paper describes an approach to learning management by experiencing management, both in and out of the classroom. Students can learn about management by listening to lectures in a classroom. They can learn better by participating in classroom discussions. Some argue that even better learning can result from experiencing management. However, learning can be maximized by combining the process of personally experiencing management and then fully debriefing that personal experience. This paper discusses an assignment that provides this maximized learning experience. Additionally, the experiential learning reported in this paper includes interacting with the larger community through providing volunteer service. Students are invited to work as teams, to select a volunteer service project that they find valuable and to participate in that project. The paper then gives examples of projects completed in 1997. Finally, the paper explores the positive outcomes available to the students, to their interactive teams, and to their community that result from this experiential learning in the field of management.