Observing General Ability in a Total Enterprise Gaming Simulation


  • Sharma Pillutla
  • Precha Thavikulwat


Historically, group performance scores of total enterprise (TE) gaming simulations administered as group exercises for between 4 and 12 decision cycles have failed to correlate with measures of general ability, such as overall grade point averages. This study differs from earlier ones in that the gaming simulation used (a) supplied individual performance scores even though it is administered as a group exercise, and (b) was designed to move through 30 decision cycles in a single semester. Results show that individual performance scores did correlate significantly with overall grade point averages and with grades in Quantitative Methods for Business. The finding implies that the individual performance score of this TE gaming simulation is a defensible basis for assigning grades. The suggestion is made that improvements in the design of gaming simulations will allow them to be more prominent in management development and assessment.