Experiential Exercises or Computer Simulations?


  • Gayle Baugh
  • E. Brian Peach
  • Walter J. Wheatley


"In an earlier time and place the educators limited choice of pedagogical tools consisted primarily of a text, a piece of chalk, and a slateboard. Today, the pedagogical choices are practically limitless. Computer ancillaries, interactive exercises, data prone cases, audio/visual accessories, and unlimited access to the world wide web are but a few selections from today’s pedagogical menu. Staying current with the various methodologies with which to educate consumes almost as much of the educators time and effort as staying current in his or her respective fields of teaching expertise. It is obvious that no one paper is going to study the relationships, aspects and efficacies of all of the pedagogical tools currently available. Thus, the authors of this paper chose to study the relationship of two commonly used pedagogies with which they have had the most experience: experiential exercises and computer driven business policy simulations. The paper’s findings reflect the opinions of the most important variable in the education equation - the student which the authors trust will be of benefit to other educators in their choice of pedagogical tools. "