Students’ View of the Use of Business Gaming in Hong Kong


  • Jimmy Chang
  • Kwan-Ling Ma
  • Mary Lee


This paper is concerned with students feedback on the usage of business gaming in Hong Kong It is intended to see how students viewed business gaming as a learning tool Over 70 percent of 93 students regarded business gaming to be “critical” and “important” for accomplishing the course objectives “developing decision making skills”; “learning concepts related to business”, “general problem identification and analytical skills”, “developing planning skills”; and “using financial data to make management decision”. A total of 52 7 percent of students thought they benefited from “understanding consequences of decision taken” while 22.6 percent felt “long waiting time after sign on” is a disadvantage in the use of computer simulation Over 50 percent of students found the simulation package “easy to use”, “fun and interesting”, and “minimizing student frustration”