Career Focus: A Student and Business Learning Experience


  • Arthur K. Fischer
  • June M. Freund
  • Jennifer J. Mies
  • Thomas J. Payne


"This paper demonstrates how Career Focus is used to provide a valuable learning experience for both university students and high school students in a community. It also demonstrates how educational institutions can interface with businesses and their communities in developing the next generation of workers. Career Focus is a program of the university’s Students in Free Enterprise chapter which brings together students and businesses in a way that both solves an important business problem and provides hands-on learning for students. The activities of Career Focus involve university students and local business leaders in creating programs to encourage high school students, who are not planning to go on with higher education, to prepare themselves for the work place. The program entails working with high school students to develop their job seeking skills. The greatest learning experience comes to the SIFE students who plan the programs and work with business leaders. They live the role of managers and human resource developers. "