Integrative Learning: Exploring Opportunities in Business Simulations


  • Christian K. Karl


This paper describes the design and the implementation of an academic semester course based on an integrative teaching / learning approach within a Master's Program in Construction Management and Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Herein, two newly developed business simulations represent the core of the course. It is supplemented by additional teaching methods which are oriented toward the teaching-/ learning targets affiliated to the core element "business simulation". These methods are selected by using a handy tool, with which the user is able to select appropriate teaching / learning methods, tied to the intended competency profile which defines the goal of the course. Findings indicate that an integrative teaching / learning approach seems to improve participant's competency acquisition indeed. Therefore the aim of this paper is to give suggestions for the practical implementation of integrative teaching / learning concepts involving business simulations and future research in general as well. The development and the implementation are described as universally as possible to allow the transferability to other domains. In addition, this paper should contribute to a lively discussion on integrative teaching / learning approaches involving business simulations at large.