Using Lotus 1-2-3 to Complete a Triple Play in a Simulated Competition


  • Ray O. Nulsen
  • Dean S. Roussos
  • A. J. Faria


"This paper will examine the value of providing decision support systems to students and faculty during the play of a complex marketing management simulation. From a pedagogical standpoint, the three decision support systems discussed below offer benefits to everyone involved in the simulated competition. The decision support systems are external to the simulated competition, but are incorporated into the simulation model for the professor, and are made available to each student via a pre-specified Lotus 1-2-3 disk attached to the student manual. The integration of LOWS 1-2-3 with the COMPETE simulation engenders a deeper, more meaningful relationship between students and administrators and among student teammates. By fostering greater understanding, the Lotus/COMPETE combination significantly enhances the educational value of the simulated competition for the student participants. "