The Dynamic Manufacturing Company


  • Steven Cavaleri
  • Stephen J. Russo


The Dynamic Manufacturing Company is a management simulation that enables participants to better understand the dynamics of traditional manufacturing. The goal is to sensitize participants to the decisions and problems that managers must make daily to assure the manufacturing goals of any company are achieved. The Dynamic Manufacturing Company manufactures two subassemblies that are later assembled by the end user. The products are in high demand and the wholesalers have stated that they are willing to purchase all of the product that TDMC is able to produce, given they are in balanced quantities. This balance is required due to the fact that customers must use both types of units in tandem. The wholesaler has stipulated that they will accept an imbalance of +1- 1 piece per week. Units in excess of the imbalance will not be purchased by the wholesaler and can not be stored for use in subsequent weeks. The role of management in the simulation is to maintain equilibrium of the product mix by implementing various managerial strategies.