Integrating Microcomputers in the Marketing Curriculum through the use of Marketing CompuProbs


  • Robert M. Cosenza
  • Louis E. Boone
  • David L. Kurtz


" Two years of work have gone into developing software and problems designed to introduce microcomputer usage in the marketing classroom. The result is the creation of software designed for use on the IBM PC and the apple IIC. The software is a menu-driven marketing decision analysis system. By completing the exercises a marketing student can enhance decision making skills by using the microcomputer. The fourteen techniques/models included are: 1. Linear Programming 2. Profit Volume Analysis 3. Decision Analysis 4. Sales Forecasting 5. Evaluating Market Potential 6. Psychological Price and Advertising Decisions 7. Statistical Decision Making 8. New Product/Service Idea Generation 9. Service Marketing Evaluation Techniques 10. Pricing Decisions 11. Sales Force Decisions 12. Location Techniques 13. Inventory Decisions 14. Marketing Ratio Analysis "