Simulated Tabletop Exercise for Risk Management - Anti Bio-Terrorism scenario Simulated Tabletop Exercise


  • Hiroshi Deguchi
  • Tomoya Saito
  • Manabu Ichikawa
  • Hideki Tanuma


In this paper we focus on the concept of simulation sup-ported tabletop exercise and its application to risk management for bio-terrorism by smallpox. For the purpose we have developed the simulation model of the infection process by smallpox on a virtual city. The simulation supported tabletop exercise has designed on our simulation model for risk management by evaluating several types of policy scenarios against bio-terrorism by smallpox. The simulation supported tabletop exercise was executed by some professionals against bio-terrorism at Global Security Center, Keio University. We clarify the model structure of the simulation against bio-terrorism and its countermeasure policies. We also show the result executed at Global Security Center.