A Reactive MicroCase Pedagogy


  • Nancy E. Lambert
  • David R. Lambert


" The pedagogical technique presented in this article centers around an innovative approach to case analysis and micro-simulation in which discrete decisions result in realistic consequences which shape subsequent decision/consequence iterations and the eventual outcome of the analysis. This is not, simply, an amalgamation of case and micro-simulation technologies, but a unique multi-stage pedagogy to problem analysis and discussion. The distinguishing feature of this approach from traditional case analysis is that it is a reactive analysis requiring iterative evaluations and decisions. It differs, fundamentally, from the typical micro-simulation by providing a richer decision environment and feedback mechanism. A prototypical Reactive Case is described along with an associated explanation of its construction and use on a microcomputer, its value as an experiential learning vehicle, and an elaboration on applications and limitations of the technique in comparison to existing case or simulation methods. "