A Study to Determine Whether the Teaching of Basic Grammar Skills in Business Communication Classes Improves Students Business Letter Writing


  • William B. Warberg


The purpose of this study was to determine whether students write better business letters as a result of studying basic grammar in a university business communication class. Two hundred eighty-nine students participated in this study. Five or six 50-udnute periods of basic grammar were taught to the 1980 Fall semester classes, whereas no grammar was taught to the 1981 Spring semester classes. A pre-test and post- test business writing letter problem was given to both groups. Pre-test and post-test mean scores for students who studied basic grammar were compared to the pre-test mean scores for students who did not study basic grammar. In both comparisons the difference was not significant. A major recommendation is that a specified period of time should not be spent on teaching basic grammar to students studying letter writing in business communication classes.