Intercultural Nonverbal Communications an Experiential Exercise


  • Gita Govahi
  • Sid Ward


"This paper describes an experiential exercise that is used in Business courses to teach and emphasize the importance of intercultural nonverbal communication cues in today’s international business environment. With the dramatic growth in international business activity during the last ten years, it is important for educators to explore some of the areas that would give us a better understanding of some of these intercultural issues. It is obvious that our lack of knowledge about other cultures is losing us business abroad. [3] And this trend is to continue until educators raise students’ sensitivity to intercultural issues and give them proper training in the areas of language, nonverbal behavior, values, and decision making process. It is obvious that some of the issues mentioned above, such as teaching a new language, will require a considerable amount of time and effort on the learner’s part. Some of the other concerns may not require as much time, but they definitely require extensive sensitivity training. "