Video Killed the Biblio Star: The Impact of Digital Media on Student Learning Outcomes


  • K. Blaine Lawlor
  • Martin J. Hornyak


The Millennial generation has been raised with extensive social networking. The intent of this study is to determine if students have a more effective learning experience if they are required to utilize social net-working skills within the classroom. The major term project requires student teams to teach a concept or two from their assigned chapter using appropriate videos. One author, who is teaching one of the course sections being studied, is utilizing the identified video project approach. The second author is teaching one of the sections in the same manner and his other section is being taught in the traditional manner of requiring teams to examine a company and present their findings and recommendations to the class with-out the use of video technology. The two authors are utilizing similar exams, and to date, there is not a statistically significant difference in the results. How-ever, this is not surprising, since the students have not had the opportunity to present their final project. The real test will come if the results on the final exam are better in the two sections utilizing the video-presentation approach versus the traditional approach.