JOGAI CEFET -- The Industrial Administration Undergraduate Game


  • Luiz Cesar Barcante
  • Marcelo Maciel
  • Fernando Correa
  • Carmelita Seno Caldeira Alves
  • Favio Simone De Souza


The Industrial Administration Undergraduate Game, JOGAI, is used in the subject called Business Simulation (Simulação Empresarial) of Industrial Administration undergraduate course of CEFET-RJ. It is a playful and inter-active game that involves several variables from its conception to the classroom applications. No one plays any roles and the negotiations are as close to real life as possible, determined solely by the parties involved. JOGAI simulates a supply-customer chain involving gems, precious metals, and jewelry. The whole market participates in the assessment of companies – suppliers, customers, audit committee, and game simulator, according to previously defined criteria.