The Two-Step Flow of Experiential Learning: A Preliminary Investigation


  • Louis C. Mancuso


".J. Duane Hoover and Carlton J. Whitehead defined experiential learning in the following manner: Experiential learning exists when a personally responsible participant(s) cognitively, affectively, and behaviorally processes knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes in a learning situation characterized by a high level of active involvement. [1, p. 25] Thus, experiential learning has been used to mean anything from an encounter group experience to a “field experiment” in entrepreneurship. Xavier University’s Marketing area has used the experiential learning technique combined with the traditional teaching methodology, the lecture method, for the past four years. It was discovered that when students are exposed to the lecture- experiential learning teaching methodology and summer intern- ships, the students are more mature and more willing to learn when they return to school. Thus, the two-step flow of experiential learning consists of the following: 1) a lecture- experiential leaning teaching methodology and 2) an internship. "