An Analysis of Performance in Simulation Games Compared to Performance on Structured Course Criteria: A Case Study


  • Tom F. Badgett
  • Daniel C. Brenenstuhl
  • William J. Marshall


" Simulation games are used extensively today at many colleges of business administration. The widespread use of simulation games suggests that business faculty view the use of games as being valuable learning vehicles and that the use of simulation games stimulates student interest in course content. A study was performed in order to investigate the use of a typical simulation game by 104 undergraduate business students at a large university. The broad issues addressed by this study include: (1) What factors influence the performance of students participating in a simulation exercise? (2) Can these factors be used for prediction purposes? (3) How do the factors which influence student performance in simulation games compare to those factors which seem to influence performance in other types of course activities and course scenarios? "