Measurement of Administrator Role for Feedback on Structure and Goals


  • James W. Schreier


In experiential learning materials and simulations, the administrator of the program can be considered to play a role throughout the activity. An examination of previous research and a collection of personal experiences reveal that these roles can be appropriately labeled: the ADMINISTRATOR, the CONSULTANT, the EVALUATOR, the PARTICIPANT, the FACILITATOR, the PRESIDENT, the OBSERVER and the PRESIDENT. In any given experiential exercise or simulation the instructor may play several of these roles, creating a composite with one or more of the roles having a significant impact on the results of the experience. At the 1977 ABSEL meeting, the identification of these roles was proposed and discussed in a lively session on simulations and experiential leaning which featured related presentations by Burns, Gentry and Keys. In that session ABSEL members clearly demonstrated their willingness to encourage new ways of looking at our educational activities and continued to discuss and challenge each others ideas in a free speaking, positive discussion of the different ideas that were presented.