Using Job Control Language (JCL) or Group and Individual Simulation


  • William F. Muhs


" The last decade has seen the introduction of a large number of simulated business games in schools of business. In many courses, a common pedagogy is to play the simulated game on a group or team basis. Typically, each group represents the management of a firm which must make certain decisions for each play of the game. The group is expected to reach a consensus decision. However, as in the real world, the group decision may not in fact be a true consensus decision. This is perhaps highly desirable since the players can obtain considerable experience in group dynamics and group decision making. On the other hand, many of us who use simulation games have frequently heard students comment: “I didn’t totally agree with my group’s decision and wish I could see the results of my own ideas (decisions).” Whatever the reason for individual differences, a potentially exciting learning experience is lost. In addition, by comparing his results to his groups’ decision, a number of interesting behavioral phenomena may occur. "