The Extended Live Case Approach to Teaching Marketing Research


  • Alvin C. Burns


Experientials and games teaching marketing principles and concepts appear to be enjoying a surge of enthusiasm at present. In addition to those presentations, demonstrations, and ideas at ABSEL conferences, there are at least three concrete evidences of this growing trend. One that comes to mind is the conference and published proceedings of the 1976 Mid-Atlantic Marketing Association with the theme “Experiential Learning in Marketing Education” (1976). Another is the more widely- published Experiential Exercises in Marketing by Woodside, Lewison, and DeLozier which was introduced at the 1977 AMA Educator’s Conference. Finally, there is the soon-to-be- published Marketing In Action: An Experiential Approach by Peterson, Stanton, and Whately (1977). When one considers these developments along with the computer games and exercises already available to the potential user, it is apparent that considerable opportunity for the “learning by experience” approach exists in marketing.