Integrating Structured Experiences into a Personnel Simulation


  • James W. Schreier


" One of the problems which faces the individual who wants to include simulations and/or experiential exercises into a course is that the exercises sometimes are desired or available for areas where the instructor already has sufficient material. In many traditional business courses, for example the Behavior and Organizational courses and the Personnel Management courses, there are extensive materials available which allow an instructor to teach the course in any number of different ways. If the instructor has already chosen to use a major experiential exercise or simulation as the focus of a course, the problem is complicated further. There is little, if any, room to add what the instructor feels are good, worthwhile exercises to the already cramped schedule for classes. The problem is how to successfully integrate materials into an existing satisfactory course structure. This paper discusses this situation, emphasizing how experiential exercises are integrated into a major simulation. "