Assessing Competitor Strategic Business Units with the Competitor Analysis Package


  • Aspy Palia
  • Jan De Ryck


The Web-based Competitor Analysis Package enables competing participant teams to assess the strength of each element of the marketing mix for one or more strategic business units (SBUs) of one or more competitors during each decision period. This decision support package extracts the EPS of each competing firm, together with the price, quality, advertising media budget and copy used for each of the nine SBUs, as well as regional salesforce size, salary and commission for each company from the simulation results. Users can configure the package to analyze one or more SBUs of one or more competitors. The package ranks and color-codes each element of the marketing mix for the selected SBUs and competitors, and can be used to evaluate specific SBUs of specific competitors, implement the external analysis component of SWOT analysis, and/or develop a comprehensive strategic market plan.