RIVIDOC A Game for Simulating the Extraction of Relevant Information from Documentary Videos


  • Grissa Maturna
  • Carlos Mario Zapata-Jaramillo
  • Miguel David Rojas Lopez


Currently, audiovisual documents constitute one of the main sources of information. Documentary videos are audiovisual documents aiming to capture the reality by means of images, sounds, texts, and interviews [1]. However, information contained in the documentary videos is not always relevant; in fact, much information is part of the context or the connection among image sequences of the video. Some authors try to identify the objects and actions in videos out of the background [2], while others employ algorithms to store and correlate video sequences for later search [3]; some others propose algorithms to identify the properties of the sequences of a video and store them in ontologies [4]. In addition, some authors use the videos for reflecting reality and validating system software requirements [5]. All of such studies lead us to identify the importance of information extraction and the usage of videos for creating knowledge bases for later use. The analyst chooses what information is suitable for his/her needs with a goal in mind. Likewise, some games are related to the world of audiovisual documents like Hollywood-blockbuster