Expert Scripts for Changing Attitudes of Student Entrepreneurs


  • David Rahn


An emerging goal for many entrepreneurship educational programs is to change the attitude of the entrepreneurship student from one of learning about entrepreneurship to one of thinking entrepreneurially and ultimately thinking of oneself as an entrepreneur.
The Lean LaunchPad (Blank and Dorf 2012) framework is widely considered to be one of the dominant frameworks in experiential entrepreneurship curriculum, and an expert model of the entrepreneurial process. The model process incorporates many of the skills, characteristics, and approaches shown to be effective by researchers in new venture creation and when applied as an experiential teaching method is a form of cognitive apprenticeship focused on new venture creation.

This paper describes how practicing entrepreneurs use an interrelated set of tools, and apply scripts acquired from industry experts to these tools, and to the process as a dynamic system. Viewed from this perspective there is an opportunity to bring to students a collection of additional expert scripts to better implement Blank