Organizational Leader Development with Experiential Exercises at the Command & General Staff College


  • Kenneth Long


Army Majors attend the Command & Genera. Staff College after serving about 10 years at the direct leader level in small units, and become masters of their particular battlefield functional area, like infantry, armor, logistician or combat engineer. Upon promotion to the rank of Major they become organizational leaders and must develop a new skill set to be an effective member of a higher headquarters planning staff or command a large unit. Typically they underestimate and are not confident in their knowledge of war-fighting functions outside of their own specialty and have difficulty integrating other specialties into a plan. By using an experiential learning exercise based on the modified Bloom taxonomy that demonstrates how much they actually know, the Department of Logistics and Resource Operations provides an opportunity and a method for officers to estimate their knowledge base, discover what else they need to know, raise their personal confidence level in their own knowledge, encourage collaborative learning with peers, and teaches them a useful critical thinking technique that can be used for the professional development of both themselves and their staffs.