Construction Giant


  • Christian K. Karl


This demonstration will give a general overview of the implementation of a multi-purpose business game, with special reference to the training of civil engineers. This experiential learning concept is intent to inspire other teaching areas. In addition, this demonstration should trigger a lively discussion on the design of modular-oriented business games which will enable the facilitator to address a variety of learning outcomes / addressees with only one business game concept.

Due to the fact that the development of computerized business games lead to extensive cost (Wilson et. al., 2008) and Andlinger & Greene (Andlinger, 1958) have proved already in the sixties, that manual business games can be even successful, here the design and implementation of a multi-purpose board-based business game will be demonstrated. Besides the lower costs, a particular advantage is furthermore that board games can be conducted independently of IT infrastructure at almost any location.