The Game of Brand Management: A Classroom Game of Competition Simulating Brand Portfolio Development across the Consumer Funnel


  • Paulo Vicente dos Santos Alves Fundacao Dom Cabral -FDC


This article introduces a game for classroom use based on a simplified model brand management, The markets consists of five different segments, and the brands are developed through many types of promotion actions along a consumer funnel. It was designed for a three-hour session, in a classroom, with up to thirty participants, but preferably with around sixteen partic-ipants.
The model simulates the difficulty of developing all brands to-gether, and therefore the students must make choices. It high-lights the importance of different promotion actions as the brand develops in the market, as well as positioning and seg-mentation.
The model is simple to give the students a better view of the possibilities, and yet the possible combinations and adaptations are so many, that no two games will be the same.