An Organizational Development Approach to Experiential Learning with Millennials


  • J. Duane Hoover Texas Tech University
  • Robert C. Giambatista University of Scranton
  • Lori Tribble Texas Tech University


The current generation of students, often labeled as Millennials, present unique challenges to ABSEL educators. Certain characteristics of Millennials can produce a potential source of resistance to learning by means of experiential learning and simulation. This paper develops conceptual models based on organizational development approaches to change that can address newly emerging trends towards a preference in current students for simplicity and economy in data/information processing as opposed to the requisite willingness to address systemic complexity. Societal trends towards Millennial personality traits, including narcissism, are also examined. The characteristics of classic organizational development technologies and Millennial culture are interwoven to identify potential hindrances and opportunities for experiential learning and simulation.