Doing DECA: Anatomy of an Experiential Program Initiative


  • Bryon C. Geddes Dixie State University
  • Philip Lee Dixie State University
  • Karman Wilson Dixie State University
  • Matthew E. Harris Dixie State University
  • Hugh M. Cannon Wayne State University


DECA is a national not-for-profit educational corporation that sponsors marketing competitions for students at the state or regional and international levels. The paper presents a case study of a highly successful program initiative aimed at achiev-ing student success and institutional recognition through the DECA competitions. It describes the nature of the DECA com-petitions, the strategy employed to achieve student success, and the actual results of the program initiative. In the process, it analyzes the experience from the perspective of experiential learning theory, drawing generalized conclusions that might be applied by other institutions in DECA competitions, other extra-curricular experiential programs, and experiential programs in general.

Author Biography

Hugh M. Cannon, Wayne State University