Exploring ABSEL Using Social Network Analysis


  • Christopher M. Scherpereel Northern Arizona University


Beginning with Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler’s forays into graph theory to the development of cancer drugs based on cellular networks, the mathematical tools developed for under-standing the structure and behavior of networks have allowed us to more rigorously explore complex social phenomena. The ABSEL organization is a complex social system that can be regarded as a network of interconnected researchers. With co-authorship data from the past fifteen years of ABSEL confer-ences, we have modeled the ABSEL network using the social network analysis tool Gephi. By exploring the structure, stabil-ity, and dynamic development of the ABSEL co-authorship net-work, we gain insight into the past, present, and future of the organization. With this insight we can formulate policies to increase the value of being a part of ABSEL’s network.