VALUE: A B2B Closed Bidding Game


  • Luiz Antonio Titton Universidade de Sao Paulo
  • Chanate Ratanaubol Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin
  • Richard Teach Georgia Institute of Technology


The game VALUE’s objective is the learning of value genera-tion in a business-to-business context. It supports six student-run decision making teams that respond to requests for a quote produced by 25 computer-run firms that need numerical con-trolled vertical milling machines. Each milling machine re-quires five attributes to perform its designed tasks. Each attrib-ute has three mutually exclusive variations; akin to good, better or best. In the simulation, each student-run firm, manufactures a single milling machine with the specific set of attributes to best meet the demands of the student-run firm’s selected set of purchasers. The computer-run purchasing firms only accept bids on milling machine that meet or exceed its stated require-ments. After matching the needs of the selected possible cus-tomers, each student teams prices their bid offering. A bid con-sists of the set of milling machines with the require attributes and a per unit price FOB at the team’s loading dock. The infor-mation regarding all winning bids will be provided to all stu-dent-run teams after the winning bids are awarded. At the be-ginning of each round, student-run teams have its financial statements updated and will receive the release of a new set of “Requests for a Quotes” or a RFQ.