Influencing Attitudes Towards Entrepreneurship with Digital Game-Based Educational Experience in Secondary Education


  • Marcin Wardaszko Kozminski University, Warsaw
  • Helmut Wittenzellner University of Media, Stuttgart
  • Paulina Holzmann University of Media, Stuttgart
  • Anna Winniczuk Kozminski University, Warsaw


The paper presents a quasi-experimental research conducted on 349 students from 11 secondary schools in Poland. The students were engaged in a digital-game based course on the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. Their attitudes towards entre-preneurship were measured before and after the learning expe-rience, and subject to a quantitative analysis. The aim of the study was to discover the effects of game-based experience on the change of attitude towards entrepreneurship. Many statisti-cally significant changes have been observed, leading to the conclusion that secondary school students do change their atti-tudes towards entrepreneurship. In addition, a series of gender and external variables influence effects have been discovered.
Key words: digital game-based learning, serious games, entre-preneurial attitudes, quantitative research, gender effects