A Project Management Focus: A Way for ABSEL to Grow


  • Jerry Gosenpud University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


The purpose of this paper is to suggest a way for ABSEL to grow. It is this author’s observation and opinion that ABSEL’s major focus, business simulation design and execution, is not attracting an increasing number of members. This paper asks ABSEL members to consider trying to grow by attracting new groups of teachers and professors who teach experientially but do not focus on the kinds of games or exercises which have been ABSEL’s traditional concentration. I believe that ABSEL should try to attract those who teach via the project, especially those that teach project management experientially. This paper focus-es on project management, provides evidence that it can and is taught experientially, provides examples of courses in project management where an experiential pedagogy is used, and pro-vides evidence that other business professional pedagogical organizations have yet to feature project management as one of their topics covered.