Enhancing Effectiveness in Curriculum: Necessary Innovative Changes


  • Gerald Goldstein University of West Florida
  • K. Blaine Lawlor University of West Florida
  • John Batchelor University of West Florida
  • Gayle Baugh University of West Florida
  • Melissa Brode University of West Florida


This study proposed a set of interventions to improve the finan-cial analysis skills of students enrolled in both the face-to-face and in our online MBA courses. The intent of the GEB5878 and GEB5930 courses is to build the foundational skills necessary to produce quality graduate level work in subsequent advanced courses requiring industry portfolio papers and multiple case analyses. In the UWF MBA curriculum, there is a heavy empha-sis on financial data analysis and synthetization. By instituting new pedagogical techniques into the two classes, students demonstrated an ability to synthesize the financial analysis data and draw appropriate conclusions from the information. The interventions were testing by comparing mean test scores of a control group without the additional financial analysis training to an experimental group which did receive the training. The results of this analysis clearly support the positive effects of the interventions proposed herein.