Strategy4Innovators-Training without Software? The revised Concept of the Board Game SysTeamsRybi – Realize your Business Ideas!


  • Helmut Wittenzellner University of Media
  • Herbert Schmidt RIVA training & consulting GmbH
  • Willy C. Kriz Fachhochschule Vorarlberg


The original SysTeamsRybi board game allows participants to convert business ideas into business plans in eight steps. It shows a structured process of invention work of a team to be presented in front of potential investors. Participants of the workshop get in touch with the methods applied to simulate entrepreneurial strategic thinking with immersion through a bundle of serious gamification approaches around the three core elements of the game: Team – Ideas – Business Develop-ment. The game has been revised and extended with common approaches of business model canvas and balanced scorecard.
Key words: serious games, entrepreneurship, innovation, busi-ness development, business plan, business model canvas, bal-anced scorecard