Match the Countries with the Customs (A Matching Game for Students Taking an International Class)


  • Rebecca Oliphant


Many students in business class are required to take at least one class which deals with International or Global business. These classes can range from International Marketing or Management, International Finance, Global Business, Introduction to Global Customs or International Culture. In addition, many classes in the Liberal Arts field are including an International or Global component as well.
Students today must know at least the basics of what happens in the world around them. We cannot build a psychological wall around the country in which we live. With popular selling international websites. Like Etsy, Amazon or EBay a single marketer can sell their goods, services or ideas to countries all around the world with one click of the mouse.
I decided to create this basic game after I used the book, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands (Morrison, 2006) in my International Marketing course and also when I was teaching on an International level in Austria. Because the book Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands discusses in detail the correct ways to speak, do business, or even recognize the basic customs of other countries it lets the students begin to think about how relating to other countries can be very different from their own. Even a basic discussion on M-Time and P-Time when conducting business is beneficial.