HOTEL STARS game ready-to-play


  • Marcin Wardaszko Kozminski University


Workshop will feature English version of the OTEL STARS game. HOTEL STARS is a web browser-based game; participants play against a computer-modeled industry. The game is designed to be played on PCs and tablet computers. Since this business simulation game relies on a touch screen interface, the process of its creation required a new approach to interface design. Instead of following a classic decision tree model, we created a completely new distribution design. Every decision involves a maximum of two clicks or touches and the


WARDASZKO M. (2016), "Building Simulation Game-Based Teaching Program for Secondary School Students", SIMULATION & GAMING. AN INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF THEORY, PRACTICE AND RESEARCH, 47(3), pp.287-303, DOI: 10.1177/1046878116635467