• Nicholas John Collett


Synergos is a new business management simulation. Working in groups, participants analyse information, make decisions and receive results. Decisions are made over a number of quarters and the results include operational and financial outcomes. Background economic data and some performance data for other groups is also released each quarter.
Initially, group participants need to decide on the roles which each person will take. It is generally advisable for each person to take on a functional role, e.g. finance director, production director or marketing director. The group can decide whether individuals will take on the role which they already know something about through their work or their studies, or whether individuals want to maximise learning by taking responsibility for a function which is new to them.
The objective is to learn how operational decisions lead to performance outcomes. In particular, the simulation enables participants to further their understanding of how businesses operate and how to manage the finances of a company. In this version each competing company