Development of the BASE Life Planning Game to Teach Students the Balance between Money and Happiness


  • Ryoju Hamada
  • Takashi Yokouchi
  • Tomomi Kaneko
  • Masahiro Hiji


We created a simple game to help students plan their career in relation to money and happiness. Traditional career education has an over 40-year history and is quite important, but it lacks financial aspects. While following your dreams can make you happy, having money is also needed for achieving happiness and success in life. To teach students the proper balance between career and happiness in relation to money, we designed our card game named BASE Life Planning Game. It has two different stages, which are adjustable by the settings of the cards. Players are deemed to live until 75 years of age and select a job and residence every five years. The first stage urges players to spend money in the pursuit of happiness. The second stage encourages players to be more conservative. In our experiment, all players bankrupted in the first scenario when they retired from their job. After analyzing the reasons by midterm debriefings, they played the game again and now found a balance between spending and saving money.