A First Practice in Curriculum Design Represented in a Software Engineering Teaching Kernel


  • Carlos Mario Zapata-Jaramillo
  • Jesus Insuasti


In the educational setting, several methods are used for curriculum design. Despite the existence of such methods, a sample of documented experiences about curriculum design shows their designers use their own criteria. Also, the usage of heterogeneous practices and diversity of concepts, and different ways of working in curriculum design are detected in the curriculum design endeavor. In order to alleviate such situations, in this paper a common ground for curriculum design affairs based on a Software Engineering Teaching kernel is used. A kernel is defined as a set of concepts and relationships which are essential and are present in any software development effort. In this proposal, the usage of such a kernel is just the first step in order to think about practices and methods for curriculum design. The Software Engineering Teaching kernel we use for representing our first practice in curriculum design is derived from a general theory called SETMAT?Software Engineering Teaching Methods and Theory. The contribution in this regard is based on exploring alternative ways of working with curriculum design from an engineering perspective.






Innovations and Future Directions in Education