Integrating Two Course Delivery Platforms for a Business Simulation


  • William Woods
  • Jorge Cardenas


Creating a course through an online modality that is summative of the academic experience in a given program would allow each student the opportunity to demonstrate what he or she has mastered in that program. In other courses, concepts are either introduced or reinforced through assignments, tests and discussion posts. In some courses students could demonstrate mastery of program learning outcomes. By creating a single course that is designed to be summative of the program learning experience, all MBA students can demonstrate whether they have mastered the program learning objectives. We will detail the process for creating a simulation base course. We will give attention to the integration of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) used by Ashford University with the business simulation software managed by Tri Corporation. Focus on the Collaboration efforts between Ashford University team members and members of Tri Corporation will be provided. Several factors were of considerable importance to the creation of a capstone simulation course. In particular adaptation of the simulation to a six week format will be discussed. A focus on credit hour analysis will be provided. Details about course piloting and the training of qualified faculty to instruct the course will be addressed.