Transdisciplinarity Research and Experience Based Learning: The case of Consultandes


  • Vinciane Servantie
  • Bart Van Hoof
  • Mar Fernanda Salamanca


The purpose of this study is to understand why an academic program built on transdisciplinary research and experience-based learning is a powerful tool to position a school of management, its students and create significant value in society. It also examines how to implement such a program. The paper builds on the case study of Consultandes, an academic platform create in 2006 in the School of Management of University of Los Andes (Colombia). The implementations of main principles of transdisciplinary research combined to an experience-based learning process are the main components of the model. The institutional willingness to assign resources, a strong academic leadership, a highly compromised team and positioned brand are other key factors of success.






Innovations and Future Directions in Education