Designing Business Case Writing As An Experiential Learning Project


  • Audrey Murrell University of Pittsburgh
  • Oghenebruphiyo G. Onosu University of Pittsburgh
  • Jennifer Petrie-Wyman University of Pittsburgh
  • Lauren Bichsel University of Pittsburgh
  • Myles Cooper University of Pittsburgh


Business Case Writing, Experiential Learning, Ethical Decision Making, Leadership


The use of experiential learning approaches such as capstone seminars, simulations, case competitions, internships, service learning, and collaborative projects are all practices that are desirable and well documented in the teaching of business courses. Despite research that shows that business case writing can provide students with experiential learning that fosters the understanding of business challenges, ethical situations, and real-world decision-making processes, this pedagogical tool has gained little attention in the experiential learning curriculum (Vega, 2010). To demonstrate the effectiveness of business case writing as an experiential learning tool, we discuss the case writing experience and the learning outcomes for two undergraduate business students who participated in a summer case project at the David Berg Center of Ethics. This paper provides a model for integrating business case writing assignments into business experiential learning courses.