A First Approach to the Representation of the Experiential Learning Practice on the Top of the Quintessence Kernel


  • Carlos Mario Zapata-Jaramillo Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Jesus Insuasti University of Narino


In the educational scenario, some methods are used for curriculum design. Despite such methods, a sample of documented experiences about curriculum design shows designers use their criteria, i.e., we have virtually as many methods as curriculum designers. Facing such a situation, we focus on identifying common practices within such methods of curriculum design. According to a systematic literature review, experiential learning is identified as a common practice from such experiences. In this paper, we use a common ground for curriculum design affairs based on a Quintessence kernel. Considering Quintessence kernel is defined as a set of concepts and relationships essential and present in any project endeavor, such a kernel is the first approach to represent common practices of curriculum design, and we start with the experiential learning practice. Within the constructivist pedagogical tends, experiential learning plays a leading role since it supports the development of the student knowledge, and it is included in all the curriculum design methods from our literature review. The contribution in this regard is based on exploring alternative ways of representing common practices in curriculum design from a project management perspective, which is the basis of the Quintessence kernel.