Pedagogical Shift: Teaching Report Writing for Accountants Online


  • Helen Anderson-Cruz
  • Gretchen Vik


"Online learning is proliferating in learning environments nationwide. The new technologies offer greater levels of access to students, more flexibility in course scheduling, and cost-effectiveness. A review of the research suggested that students, especially graduate students, want more flexibility with scheduling and universities wanted more access for remotely located students (Oliver, 1999). To meet the needs of a growing student population and a diminishing state budget, we are developing an online version of a 4 unit communication course for upper division accounting students. The course will include face-to-face teacher/student interaction, distance teacher/student and student/student interaction, self directed and teacher directed learning, and individual and group learning. This paper will discuss the pedagogical framework, course design, and how rubrics and scoring guides can provide students with the most useful feedback. "