Studio School: Robotic Professors, Games, Simulations, Virtual Labs, and the Future of Education


  • Paulo Vicente dos Santos Alves Fundacao Dom Cabral-FDC


This article makes an analysis based on Kondratieff Cycles, investments in Research and Development (R&D,) and major trends in the future of work and education, to propose a new educational model termed ‘Studio School, which is necessary to cope with those new technologies, and future needs of the society.

The global pandemic was an accelerator in those trends, and exposed the obsolescence of the current model.

This new model is mainly remote, and will require a strong support from experiential methods and techniques to work. Therefore, remote lectures, robotic professors, games, simulations, and virtual laboratories will be necessary.

Differentiation between school for inter-school competition will be done foremostly by the creation of exclusive content in form of research, and events (physical and virtual).

This new model is a blend of movie, television and game studio, which can work under a few different business models like subscription, pay-per-use, marketplace and syndication.

This new model is far from complete and will evolve during the next few decades.






Innovations and Future Directions in Education