Integrative Capstone Assignment in Core MBA Curriculum


  • Elise Boyas University of Pittsburgh
  • Haimanti Banerjee University of Pittsburgh


Since the early 2000s there has been a call for both K-12 and higher education to move away from a siloed delivery of curriculum and to integrate curriculum across disciplines. Simultaneously, there has been a focus on providing more opportunities for experienced-based learning in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. MBA programs are charged with developing future business leaders who have the skill set to critically analyze and solve complex real-world problems and curriculum needs to support this goal. This capstone assignment at a top 40 MBA program was designed to give students an opportunity to analyze the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic on corporate financial results within the microeconomic framework in which the corporation operates. This paper describes the capstone assignment across two MBA core courses, and describes a unique opportunity to integrate microeconomic principles with financial reporting and disclosure practice.






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