How to Make Strategy Simulations Relevant in Times of Pandemic


  • Rebecca Schmeller Ashland University


Purpose. The purpose of this teaching note is to share examples of how business capstone professors can enhance strategy simulation teaching with use of current business news. Professors can augment the use of strategy simulations by comparing simulation decisions to current, real-world decisions made by companies, as reported in mainstream business news, even in times of pandemic. Glo-Bus© Strategy Simulation was used as an example of the many available commercial strategy simulations. The Wall Street Journal June 3, 2020 was used as a sample of mainstream business news. This study addressed a gap in the literature because published articles about business capstone strategy simulation (primarily using Capsim©, Marketplace Live©, Micromatic©, Glo-Bus©) did not compare simulation decisions to real-world decisions. Findings. Examining one day of real-world business news decisions, June 3, 2020 (in times of pandemic) revealed similarities to decisions made by Glo-Bus© simulation participants. Recommendations. This paper gives a list of teaching techniques that can be used to engage simulation students with current business news to enhance their simulation learning. Limitations. Further research is needed to determine this technique’s impacts on simulation performance and learning. This paper only presents the concept, not the results of its use. Value. Strategy simulations are used broadly by business schools, and specifically, Glo-Bus© Strategy Simulation is used globally (22 countries) by approximately 317 business schools with 32,600 students per year (Gamble, Thompson & Peteraf, 2013). Also, findings of this study can be applied to other non-Glo-Bus© strategy simulations (Capsim©, Marketplace Live©, Micromatic©, etc.). Accordingly, more research is needed to measure and report effects of this teaching technique.






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