Increasing Student Learning in an Investment Management Course Through the Innovative Use of Experiential Learning Pedagogy – An Interactive Learning Session


  • Nauman M. Farooki


The objective of this session is to share the experience of using an experiential learning pedagogy in an Investment Management course. Experiential pedagogy is a participatory method of learning, which involves a variety of a person’s mental capabilities. Authors such as Corsun, Inman and Muller (1995) and Kolb, Rubin and McIntyre (1974) have quoted an ancient Confucius statement, "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand." to convey the foundation of this pedagogy. This senior level Investment Management course utilizes a number of experiential learning and simulation game modules. Each of these modules is designed to enhance student learning and retention of key investment management concepts. The session will be interactive and involve a presentation, group discussion, participation activities and hands-on learning opportunities for the audience.